Video – Whalen with Dylan Ratigan

An anti-Fed tour de force. (more…)

I was looking to join some Yoga class and was intrigued by Art Of Living as i keep hearing so much about it and being highly skeptical by nature decided to do some investigation. In short it seems like a cult with recruiting techniques borrowed from Amway/Quixtar with the instructors possibly getting to keep a cut from the class fees but its creatively called as “guru dakshina”. (more…)

It’s that time of the year again, a favorite time for any US expatriate — the time to ensure you’ve filed the absurd TD F 90-22.1 Report Of Foreign Bank And Financial Accounts form. It’s a huge waste of time, but one expats are forced to endure or face a fine of up to $500,000 and five years in prison. In addition, it’s a form technically impossible to fill out, as I’ll explain and have explained in the past to my US congressional representatives. Net neutrality? That Senator Dianne Feinstein cares to give me a reply about. But an issue that impacts plenty of Americans she represents, this stupid form? Apparently not worth the time for a response. More on that below, along with my easy advice for dealing with this dumb form, for other American expats who are sick of it.

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Here are some thoughts I wanted to share. (more…)

You may lose your permanent resident status (green card) if you commit an act that makes you removable from the United States under the law, as described in Section 237 or 212 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) (see the “INA” link to the right). If you commit such an act, you may be brought before an immigration court to determine your right to remain a permanent resident. (more…)

Interesting guy this Perelman! (more…)

There are 38 ingredients in a McNugget; many made from corn. A number of the ingredients come from petroleum products, to keep the items from spoiling or ‘looking strange’ after months in the freezer or on the road: sodium aluminum phosphate; mono-calcium phosphate, sodium acid pyrophosphate, and calcium lactate. These are used to keep the animal and vegetable fats from turning rancid. Then there are “anti foaming” agents like dimethylpolysiloxene. This material is a suspected carcinogen and an established mutagen, tumorigenic, and reproductive effector. It is also flammable. (more…)

Property Name: ABC Towers (more…)

With the global economy and financial system undergoing profound changes, investors need an investment approach that positions them to thrive in the New Normal. PIMCO’s Global Advantage Bond Index (GLADI™) provides investors with an alternative fixed income benchmark designed to better capture the opportunities in the changing world. In this interview, PIMCO’s CEO and Co-CIO Mohamed El-Erian and Executive Vice President Ramin Toloui discuss the new index and its application as a benchmark in PIMCO’s Global Advantage strategy. (more…)

I feel your pain. Like you, I am a retirement plan trustee. This is a difficult time for us. Many trustees are being sued over breach of fiduciary duty; Congress is examining 401(k) expenses; and the stock market is volatile. What is a retirement plan trustee to do? (more…)

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